Chinese New Year, iPad artist tools, UK military drops Samsung, change your face, growth of Swift, Hyperburner


Apple celebrates Chinese Lunar New Year with curated apps, Apple Store events — As part of ongoing festivities to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year, Apple is highlighting apps and stickers in the App Store in new curated lists, while some Apple retail stores are hosting specially themed workshops.


Five of the best apps for getting started with creating art on the iPad — The iPad is an excellent artist’s tool, but before you jump into an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, AppleInsider has five suggestions for apps to try that don’t need either to be sure that you want to make the jump from paper to digital.

Insufficient Samsung security forces UK military communications project to switch to modified iPhone 7 — A program in the United Kingdom to allow members of the armed forces to discuss military secrets using a smartphone will now involve a modified iPhone 7 with hardened security, replacing insecure Android devices.

FaceApp uses Neural Net to add smiles, make you old or young, change gender — A company called Wireless Lab has a new app called FaceApp. It uses the power of a neural net to modify photographs. They can add a smile to a portrait where the subject wasn’t smiling. Other filters make a face young or old, or change the gender from male to female or vice versa. It’s a free app.  [I’ve managed to make my face old without an app, although neural networks may have been involved.]

Apple’s Swift ranks second in fastest-growing skill demands among freelancers — When looking to hire independents, organisations have quickly made Apple’s Swift programming language one of the most sought-after skills, freelance marketplace Upwork said on Thursday.

Fight your way through flying space debris in Hyperburner —
The smoothest, most satisfying space-based flight simulator on iOS may be Hyperburner, Space-flying fanatics take note. Hyperburner lets you take a trip to a galaxy far, far away, where you can dip, dive, and barrel-roll your way through futuristic space highways. It costs NZ$4.49, US$2.99.