Pro video apps updates, MagNeo, Yokohama, Time Machine and alternatives, Fox royalty, Notebook


Apple updates Final Cut Pro X, Motion, and Compressor — Apple has updated its pro video apps for macOS – Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor – with feature tweaks, performance improvements and bug fixes.

MagNeo on Kickstarter: Magnetic USB-C Adapter for Charging, Data, and Video — Magsafe is missed. “It has saved my MacBook Air uncounted times, and it’s so easy to plug it in.”
MagNeo on Kickstarter is a magnetic USB-C adapter that allows charging, data, and video, too. That makes it useful for applications beyond charging-only, which may be why it’s already raised $115,000. It’s a two-piece device machined from a solid piece of aluminium. One half goes in your MacBook or MacBook Pro, and the other half goes on the end of the cable you want to use it with. Watch the short video for more. Funding options start at US$59 as of this writing.

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary visits Yokohama Apple R&D center, confirms March opening — Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga has paid a visit to the Apple Yokohama City Tsunamshima artificial intelligence development site, now confirmed by the official to open in March.

Head to head: Apple’s Time Machine versus three local backup utilities for macOS — Backing up your data to prevent loss in the case of digital disaster couldn’t be much easier, but there are choices to make, and things you should to to guarantee safety. AppleInsider looks at some of your options, and helps you choose.

Fox 1.0 is new royalty app for macOS — OFFICER solutions has introduced Fox 1.0, a new addition to their software line of royalty applications for entertainment companies. Developed specifically for artists, musicians and other right holders, Fox 1.0 for macOS (10.10 and higher) is designed to transform sales reports for content sold on the Internet into detailed royalty statements.

Notebook is a new note-taking app for the Mac — Zoho has launched Notebook for Mac, a new, free note-taking app. Notebook’s mobile apps introduced the concept of Note Cards: dedicated note types for text, checklists, audio, photos, and sketches.