Kaby Lake gleanings, external GPU, Mac speeder, Brexit raises UK Apple prices


2017 MacBook Pro to bring Intel Kaby Lake, 32GB of RAM — Apple will launch a new 15-inch MacBook Pro later this year powered by Intel’s next-generation Kaby Lake processors and 32GB of desktop-class RAM, according to a reliable analyst.
The latest models feature Skylake chips and up to 16GB of RAM, but many professionals have complained this just isn’t enough for a high-end notebook [even though these configurations are optimised for high-end video work and have really fast SSDs].
Apple is predicted to sell 17 million Mac laptops in 2017.

PowerColor’s Thunderbolt 3 Devil Box is the easiest way to get an external GPU on the MacBook Pro — New third-party hardware releases make the external GPU situation for macOS both less expensive, and slightly less ‘hacky’ to install. AppleInsider examines the US$379 PowerColor Devil Box — so far the best way to get your MacBook Pro to Mac Pro tower GPU speeds and even give older hardware a significant boost without doling out the cash for a new computer. It wasn’t until Thunderbolt 3 that the bandwidth of the protocol fully caught up with the idea. [You then install a GPU into the Box.]

Stellar Data Recovery’s SpeedUp Mac speeds up your Mac — This software scans your machine and helps you remove unwanted files safely that are responsible for sluggish performance of your Mac. Most Mac users experience sluggish system performance over a period of time. Stellar SpeedUp Mac has been developed specifically to address this and speed up slow systems.
A demo version of SpeedUp Mac is available. This version can remove unwanted applications, log files and system junk. To use all features, the full version can be purchased for US$39.

Brexit drives up UK App Store prices 25% — Apple’s App Store is about to get more expensive for UK shoppers. App prices are going up by 25% because the pound has been dropping in the wake of the Brexit vote.