iPhone 7 fastest smartphone, dancing ads, Vine has gone

A frame from one of Apple Inc's new AirPods ad spots
A frame from one of Apple Inc’s new AirPods ad spots

iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 are the top two performing smartphones of 2016 — The benchmark specialists at AnTuTu have compiled a chart that highlights 2016’s top performing smartphones. The iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7 take the number one and two spots.

Apple’s ‘Practically Magic’ commercials take dancing stroll with AirPods — Apple has new spots out with the tagline ‘practically magic.’ The spots focus on a young dancer taking a stroll through a city scape using AirPods to enjoy Down by Marian Hill. There are four spots in the series, a longer one and three short ones.

Today the Vine video service shuts down, to be replaced by Twitter’s Vine camera — But there’s still a bit of time left where you can grab your Vines that aren’t already saved to your camera roll. Here’s how to do it. (And Mac Observer has more info, too.)


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