Martin Luther King, US manufacturing, Iovine talks TV


Apple commemorates Martin Luther King Jr. Day with quote on website — Acknowledging the birthday of Dr Martin Luther King Jr, Apple updated the front page of its website with a photo of and quote from the legendary civil rights leader, calling on people to fight for equality. [It looks like the exact opposite of anything Trump would tweet.]

Apple partner Pegatron could boost US manufacturing capacity by 3-5x, if pressed — The chairman of Apple supplier Pegatron has revealed that his company could expand its operations in the US by three to five times, should it be necessary — but even that won’t make much of a dent in Apple’s iPhone and Mac production needs.
Pegatron chairman TH Tung said at his company’s year-end banquet that its plants in California and Indiana could be expanded to meet the needs of purchasers. It would likely have little impact on the US workforce, as any increase would be accommodated by automation, and not by growing the employment rolls significantly.

Jimmy Iovine says Apple Music creating ‘pop cultural’ experience with new TV content — Responding to reports that Apple Music content will expand further into full-length movies and TV shows, a key executive with the service — Jimmy Iovine — said over the weekend that Apple is willing to do “whatever hits popular culture smack on the nose” in order to differentiate itself.