Airmail 1.5, iMessages lawsuit, Samsung confirms battery fault


Hands on with Airmail 1.5, managing Apple Mail, Gmail, and Exchange on iOS — Users can connect a series of Airmail functions to speed up your work, and weed out important emails from the less-so. AppleInsider shows you how, and when, to use the app.
Airmail 1.5 requires iOS 9.0 or higher and costs NZ$7.49/US$4.99 on the App Store. There’s also the Mac version of Airmail (v3.2.1) that requires OS X 10.8 or higher and costs NZ$14.99/US$9.99 on the Mac App Store.

Lawsuit accuses Apple’s iMessages of violating 2002 point-of-sale patent — A new patent infringement lawsuit accuses Apple and its iMessage service of violating a 15-year-old patent — one related to the recording and playback of voice messages over a network.

Samsung testing confirms battery problems to blame for Galaxy Note 7 fires — Internally, Samsung has concluded that the battery — and not any faults in software, or other hardware — was reportedly to blame for the fires that led to the recall and ultimate cancellation of the Galaxy Note 7. [I smell an imminent lawsuit.]