Snapchat better, Google Maps Uber, Steamworld Heist, we can sue Apple, vulnerabilities

Steamworld Heist may steal all your time
Steamworld Heist may steal all your time

Snapchat just got way easier to use thanks to a new search bar — Snapchat is confusing to use, which is part of what makes it fun, because it’s sort of like knowing a secret language not everyone can understand. But it can also be annoying, like when you’re looking for something specific and don’t want to tap or swipe a million times to find it. So Snapchat’s latest update, rolling out soon to both iOS and Android users, adds a universal search bar you can access from anywhere in the app.

Google updates Maps on iOS with better ridesharing UI, end-to-end Uber integration — Google has updated its Maps apps for iOS  with a new, more in-depth ridesharing interface, including deeper integration with Uber that lets people hail a car without switching apps.

SteamWorld Heist’s tactical action might steal all your free time — Starting life on the Nintendo 3DS before hitting Mac, PC, consoles, and most recently iOS, SteamWorld Heist is a meaty game squeezed into an approachable package. It’s a turn-based strategy and combat affair that’s similar in a lot of ways to XCOM, however the 2D, side-scrolling design simplifies the action and interface, and makes it seem like a perfect fit for an iPhone or iPad. It’s NZ$9.99/US$6.99).

Judge rules that iPhone users can sue Apple for anticompetitive practices — The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that iPhone app purchasers may sue Apple over allegations that the company monopolised the market for iPhone apps by not allowing users to purchase them outside the Apple App Store, leading to higher prices, reports Reuters.

Cellebrite hacked, reaffirming Apple’s iOS no-backdoor stance — A year ago the FBI was pushing to force Apple into making a hackable version of iOS for a terrorist investigation while claiming the code would stay secure. Now Cellebrite — the company the FBI reportedly hired to break through the iPhone’s encryption — has been hacked, validating Apple’s concerns the tools would eventually leak.

WhatsApp vulnerability could expose messages to prying eyes, report claims — A vulnerability in the popular messaging service could allow Facebook to intercept supposedly encrypted messages.