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Apple is well-rated by Greenpeace for renewable energy (image from Liberty Voice)
Apple is well-rated by Greenpeace for renewable energy (image from Liberty Voice)

Greenpeace: Apple, Google, Facebook, and Switch are leading advocates for renewable energy — A new Greenpeace report, Clicking Clean: Who Is Winning the Race to Build a Green Internet?, finds that Apple, Google, Facebook, and newcomer Switch are leading the charge [lol] to build a renewably-powered Internet.

Apple says hidden Safari setting led to flawed Consumer Reports MacBook Pro battery tests — Battery tests conducted by Consumer Reports showing inconsistent uptime with Apple’s new MacBook Pro were inaccurate, Apple said on Tuesday, explaining that the publication had enabled a hidden setting in its Safari browser. [But why is Apple telling us this and not Consumer Reports? Sometimes it’s hard to see the smoke for the mirrors.]

TextExpander adds MacBook Pro Touch Bar support — Smile’s TextExpander got a nice update on Monday, assuming you’re a Touch Bar MacBook Pro user. The 6.1.3 update adds Touch Bar support so you can add, organise or delete snippets with a tap, filter snippets, and check your snippet statistics, too. The update also includes better VoiceOver access and fixes a few bugs because everyone else deserves a little something in the download. TextExpander 6.1.3 is a free download and works with Smile’s TextExpander subscription service.

speedtCheck your Internet connection speed with the Speedtest native app for Mac — Ookla (the Speedtest folks) has created an iOS app that has been quite useful, and has today released desktop apps for Mac and Windows.
Once installed and launched from the Applications folder, Speedtest resides in the Mac menu bar so you can pull up a test at any time. If there are multiple servers in your area, a “change server” link appears so that you can see if pointing at a different server changes your results at all.
The app and service are free, and unlike the website, the Mac app is also ad-free.

Apple to produce data center cabinets at defunct GT Advanced sapphire plant — Apple is repurposing GT Advanced’s former sapphire plant in Mesa, Arizona, to produce cabinets for its other data centres, according to a notice published by the US government on Monday.