MacBook Pro saves man, Witcher, Cook’s cut, more docks, new Wacoms, Seoul Store, LG UltraFine, Chinese New Year wallpapers

Now you can play PC games online, on Macs
Now you can play PC games online, on Macs

Apple MacBook Pro saves man from bullet in Florida airport shooting — Steve Frappier, a witness to Friday’s deadly shooting at a Fort Lauderdale airport, revealed in an interview with CNN that an Apple MacBook Pro in his backpack took a stray bullet during the harrowing scene, likely saving his life. The assailant killed five people and wounded eight.

Blasphemy! Playing Witcher 3 on a MacBook Air thanks to Nvidia’s GeForce Now — Brad Chacos played Witcher 3 – a game that’s never been released on Macs – on a GeForce GTX 1080, a graphics card never found in Macs, all thanks to Nvidia’s new GeForce Now streaming service for PCs and Macs. It’s like Netflix for PC games that also happens to work on Macs.
Witcher 3 running on a MacBook Air over GeForce Now.
The PC and Mac version of GeForce Now is a completely different beast from the subscription service of the same name available for Nvidia’s swanky Shield TV. The Shield version grants you access to a number of PC games with your subscription, with the ability to buy others if you’d like, but you’ll need to actually own the games you want to play with the PC and Mac version of GeForce Now.

CEO Tim Cook’s compensation cut by $1.5M following Apple’s 2016 decline in sales — Apple on Friday revealed that its executive team, including Chief Executive Tim Cook, received a pay cut for their performance in 2016, reflecting the company’s first decline in revenue in 15 years. Here are the income stats for other Apple execs.  [Hard times indeed –, back to the packed lunches, Tim.]

More docks — CalDigit joins the Thunderbolt 3 dock parade with two of its own. CalDigit’s new Thunderbolt Station 3 offers eSATA connectivity for the MacBook Pro, in addition to other ports, although I’ve never seen this brand in New Zealand, nor Henge Docks which has unveiled a trio of Thunderbolt 3 docking stations for Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pros.

Wacom grows macOS tablets with Intuos Pro, Intuos Pro Paper Edition; Bamboo Folio smartpad — Introduced last Thursday at the Consumer Electronics Show, Wacom’s Intuos Pro and Intuos Pro Paper Edition tablets are upgraded from previous models, and now equipped with the highly-sensitive Pro Pen 2. Launched at the same time, the Bamboo Folio is a compact smartpad for quickly noting down ideas while on the move.

Apple confirms plans for first South Korean retail store in Seoul — Following rumours that Apple was scouting locations for its first flagship store in South Korea, the company on Thursday posted retail hiring notices and confirmed Apple indeed plans to open a brick-and-mortar outlet in SK.

LG UltraFine 5K Display with Thunderbolt 3 for Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pro — Apple may have abandoned the monitor market, but LG has taken the torch for a high-performing display specifically for Apple users. Despite eschewing some of Apple’s design principles, the LG UltraFine 5K Display monitor brings almost everything to the desktop that Mac users have been clamoring for, including a convenient, versatile Thunderbolt 3 connection.
Apple Insider also has a Quick Take on it, finding the monitor’s colour accuracy, brightness, contrast and sharpness make it a worthy successor to Apple’s defunct Thunderbolt Display. (And here’s how to connect Your 2016 MacBook Pro to a mini DisplayPort Monitor.)

Apple celebrates Chinese New Year with original Nianhua folk art wallpapers made on Mac and iPad — Continuing its celebration of the 2017 Chinese New Year, Apple has published to its website a series of high-resolution Nianhua folk art wallpapers created using its ecosystem of devices, from Mac to iPad and Apple Pencil. Posted to select Apple regional websites, the boldly colored digital artwork of “Made in CNY” depicts traditional Chinese New Year scenes, but with a modern flair. Each work is available as a free wallpaper download for Mac, iPhone and iPad.