Portrait mode, lens firm refutes cuts, NYT gone from China, iOS 10 adoption, Instagram updated for iPhone 7


Apple’s latest iPhone 7 Plus commercial showcases dual-lens ‘Portrait’ photo mode — Apple on Saturday published a new ad highlighting Portrait mode, an iPhone 7 Plus exclusive feature that seamlessly blends image data from the handset’s dual cameras to create artificial bokeh.
The hardware-specific function uses iPhone 7 Plus’ wide angle and telephoto lenses, complex computer vision algorithms and depth mapping to create a series of image layers. With input from the user, the mode is able to sharpen certain layers, like those with a subject, and selectively unfocus others using a custom blur technique. The result is a creamy, yet natural, scene rendition.

Apple camera lens manufacturer posts significant profit, shedding doubt on iPhone order cuts — iPhone 7 camera module manufacturer Largan Precision has posted its best financial report in 14 months, specifically citing strong orders from Apple.

Apple removes the New York Times app in China following government request — Over the holidays, Apple removed the New York Times mobile apps, both the English-language version and the Chinese-language version, from the App Store in China. The Times originally reported that its apps were removed on December 23, and Apple confirmed it on Thursday, citing a request from Chinese authorities. [Happy New Year.]

iOS 10 Adoption Hits 76% After 4 Months, Slightly Outpacing iOS 9 — iOS 10 is now installed on 76% of active iOS devices, according to new data published this week on Apple’s support website. Roughly four months after its release, iOS 10’s adoption rate is slightly faster than its predecessor, iOS 9, which hit 75% after the same period.

Instagram adds wide color gamut, Live Photos support to iOS app — Instagram has updated made good on promises to incorporate wide colour gamut support for iPhone 7 owners in a backend software update that also includes compatibility with Apple’s Live Photos.