Dishing on iPhone development, fitness ring, Super Mario, Watch 3 rumours

Motiv is a fitness tracker in ring form
Motiv is a fitness tracker in ring form

Apple refugees dish on how iPhone development culture echoes into Pearl Automation — A collection of Apple engineers who have departed the company over the years formed Pearl Automation, and are keeping the best of Apple’s corporate ethos, and dishing about the worst.

Not just any old ring — How about a waterproof, Bluetooth, titanium activity-tracking ring with a built-in accelerometer, LED lighting, and an optical heart rate sensor just like you would find in any top-of-the-line fitness band? Motiv might just be the most subtle activity tracker on the market.
The US$200 ring, announced this week at CES, starts shipping in early March. It aims to make fitness-tracking totally unobtrusive. You can wear the low-profile, 8mm ring constantly — to bed, in the pool, while showering — although it needs to be charged every five days.

Report: 3% of Super Mario Run Users Paid to Unlock the Game — Nintendo surprised everyone when it announced its first major iOS game, Super Mario Run, would break with the typical free-to-play model and feature a single $10 in-app purchase to unlock the complete game. While many hoped this move would signal a shift away from the controversial “capless spend” model that permeates the iOS App Store, Nintendo has discovered that not even Mario can make mobile gamers open their wallets. [It should have been $5.]

Apple Watch 3 rumoured to launch Q3 with same design but better battery life — The next version of Apple Watch will launch in the third quarter this year with the same design but featuring battery life and performance improvements, according to a report this week from DigiTimes. Citing the Economic Daily News, DigiTimes claims that Quanta Computer, the Taiwanese firm currently manufacturing the Series 1 and Series 2 Apple Watch models, will again receive the contract for the presumed “Series 3” iteration of the device.
[Better battery life is the one improvement to anything nobody ever argues about.]