Cook on Wall Street, back up!


Apple CEO Tim Cook tours New York Stock Exchange while on vacation — Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook has been enjoying the holidays in New York City, and spent Wednesday morning on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange with his nephew, where he even fielded questions about the limited availability of AirPods. [Well, I guess that counts as ‘holiday interest’ if you’re an accountant.]

Resolve to back up your Mac in 2017 — “There are only two kinds of Mac users: Those who have lost data, and those who will.” So said Bob LeVitus in his 1989 (and first) book, Dr Macintosh, “and I’ve been saying it at least once a year ever since… It’s sad that so many users still don’t start backing up until after they’ve lost irreplaceable files. In 2016 (as in every previous year), one of the most common issues reported by friends and readers was a crashed hard or solid-state drive.”
Check out his guide to backing up.