Spaceship Campus, ChronoSync backup


Latest 4K drone footage of Apple’s ‘spaceship’ Campus 2 shows interior auditorium work, significant landscaping — The latest drone footage of Apple’s new headquarters under construction taken on Christmas day shows much of the heavy equipment gone, with the entire site’s landscaping being developed on a larger scale than previously seen.
Besides just the solar installation, much work has taken place on the Tantau Avenue facilities. The majority of the work on research and development building is inside now, with the exteriors very near completion.

ChronoSync 4.7.1 adds cloud services and smart scanning to automated back up app — Unlike Apple’s own backup solution, Time Machine, ChronoSync is built to scale. Its sole purpose is to backup and save your work, but it brings a remarkable, barely conceivable number of options to the job. It’s not an app you’ll buy today and master by the morning. However, it is an app you can buy now and run for years.