Wireless AirPods, Super Mario Run, Photos web, MFi Hearing Aids

(Image from Apple NZ's AirPods page)
(Image from Apple NZ’s AirPods page)

Review: Apple’s new wireless AirPods put a smile on 2016 — Delivering hours of enveloping, untethered sound and Siri assistance, Apple’s new wireless AirPods elegantly perform in a way that promises to put a smile on your face no matter how terrible of a day you’re having – a beautiful thing given how many ugly days 2016 has thrown at us so far. Availability is still limited (six weeks delivery in New Zealand), but they’ve already had a teardown.

Super Mario Run downloads top 40M in 4 days — Nintendo’s Super Mario Run for the iPhone and iPad is off to a great start topping 40 million downloads in only four days. This follows the US$5 million the game brought in during its first 24 hours. And here’s what you get for your US$10 in-app purchase.

Apple introduces new version of its Photos Web app for iCloud — The upgraded Photos Web app sports an updated sidebar and scrubber to that matches the macOS Sierra Photos app. It includes an updated toolbar with upload and download buttons along the the top of the interface. The new Photos Web app also includes a new vertical sidebar for quick access to albums in your Photos library.

iOS 10.2 Fixed Issues With MFi hearing aids — If you use hearing aids that are certified Made For iPhone (MFi), you may have noticed a couple of bugs. iOS 10.2 fixed both issues, something the hearing-impaired community will no doubt be delighted to learn.