Software updates and deals: Photoshop Touch Bar support, Luminar Batch Processing, Photolemur and Intego 50% off


Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 technology preview brings MacBook Pro Touch Bar controls — As promised at the MacBook Pro release event, Adobe has made available a technology preview version of image editing suite Photoshop CC 2017 for Mac, adding beta versions of contextual touch tools to the Touch Bar. All of the familiar brush controls are available on the screen with the Tech Preview release, as well as on the Touch Bar. Users can select brush parameters such as colour, flow, hardness, opacity, and size. The Favorites implementation on the Touch Bar includes flip controls, a toggle between full and normal screen modes, and a New Layer button. [Existing users can add this update through CreativeCloud.]

Luminar to get Batch Processing — Macphun is updating Luminar every couple of months to consistently improve the software. The first of these updates included Touch Bar support. Now Macphun has announced a second major update to the software: on Friday 16th, Luminar will be updated to include batch processing, two new filters, and an enhanced Colour Temperature filter. Full details of the update can be found in this blog post by COO of Macphun, Alex Tsepko.

Photolemur promises to change the way you make beautiful photos — Photolemur does all the work for you: drop an image onto the app and it improves it like magic, handling even complex problems. The only real control is a slider from Realistic to Vivid. I have a Beta of it and it’s pretty amazing. Pre-order Photolemur with this special discount for 50% off.

Intego Mac Internet Security X9 at 50% off — When it comes to security, Macs are pretty safe, especially compared to PCs. But new sophisticated malware can sneak in at any time and wreak havoc on your secure little world. It’s even worse if you have a Windows virtual machine running, as that machine is not only more susceptible to malware and viruses, but many folks don’t even think about protecting virtual machines. Apple World Today has a solution: Intego Mac Internet Security X9 for just US$24.99, today only.