Get a Mac, subscriber apps, Apple and VR, new Bluetooth standard, Goldwind, mineral database, Cook at MIT, AppYogi, free alert sounds, film studios


Oral History of ‘Get a Mac’ with Justin Long, John Hodgman, and Creative Team — Campaign US has put together a wonderful oral history of Apple’s Get a Mac ad campaign.
Justin Long (Mac) and John Hodgman (PC) talk about their roles, and the creative team from TBWA\Chiat\Day talk about putting it together.

Setapp Brings Netflix-style Downloads to Mac Apps — Paying a monthly subscription to watch as many TV shows and movies as you want is a pretty good business model for Netflix, and MacPaw thinks it’ll work for software, too. The company’s trying that out with its new Setapp service where subscribers pay a monthly fee to get access to a growing list of apps from several developers.

Apple and VR — Apple has been attacked throughout the year for failing to jump on the Virtual Reality headset bandwagon following Facebook, Samsung, Google, HTC, Microsoft, Sony and others. Yet after a year of hype, VR headsets remain a niche that’s failing to live up to even conservative expectations. Meanwhile an invite-only meeting details state of AI, machine learning research inside Apple’s halls.

Bluetooth 5 officially adopted; look for products in 2-6 months — The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) officially adopted Bluetooth 5 as the latest version of the Bluetooth core specification this week. Key updates to Bluetooth 5 include longer range, faster speed, and larger broadcast message capacity, as well as improved interoperability and coexistence with other wireless technologies.

Apple signs deal with wind turbine maker Goldwind to bring clean power to suppliers — Apple has entered into a joint venture with wind turbine maker Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology — better known as Goldwind — that should help bring more clean energy to its Chinese suppliers.

Mineral Database for macOS is a useful reference tool — Mineral Database is a Mac app from Tasa Graphics Arts that provides a useful reference for students, educators, professionals, or anyone interested in minerals. Mineral Database requires macOS 10.8 or higher and costs NZ$14.99/US$9.99 and it’s available worldwide through the Mac App Store.

Apple CEO Tim Cook delivering MIT commencement speech in June — Apple CEO Tim Cook has agreed to deliver the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s 2017 commencement address to graduates of the class of 2017 on Friday, June 9.

AppYogi launches Wifi Signal Strength Status for the Mac — AppYogi Software has introduced Wifi Signal Strength Status 1.0, its new utility developed exclusively for macOS. The app prominently displays the wireless signal strength with network name, ‘neat icon’ or ‘percentage’ on the menu bar. Wifi Signal Strength Status requires macOS 10.10 or later. It costs US$4.99 and is available worldwide exclusively at the Mac App Store. [Or, just hold down the Option key on your keyboard and click on the standard Wifi icon at top right of your screen …]

Alfred Sound Bank Vol.1 — Here’s a  free sound bank of bleeps, bloops and noises made entirely on the Make Noise 0-Coast.
Download the Alfred Sound Bank Vol.1
Use in the Alfred 3.2.1+ Play Sound workflow output object, or as macOS system sounds, create crazy music with!
To use these sounds in macOS, open Finder to ~/Library/Sounds/ within your home folder, and copy in all the aif files. They will then be available within macOS’s Sound preferences.

Apple is rumoured to be working with film studios on early movie rental plans — With major studios talking about the possibility of movie rentals becoming available as soon as two weeks after debuting in theaters, Bloomberg reports that Apple’s been pushing for such early access. Historically, theaters are given exclusive rights for 90 days before titles become available through DVD and online formats.


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