iPhone 7 GPU, iPhone 6 shutdowns, bypassing the Lock Screen

(Image from ExtremeTech)
(Image from ExtremeTech)

The mysteries of the GPU in Apple’s iPhone 7 are unlocked — Apple’s GPU in the A10 Fusion chip used in the iPhone 7 is based on the same architecture used in the A9 chip, with tweaks for the speed boost.
Users have praised the performance of Apple’s A10 Fusion chip in the iPhone 7, but its underlying graphics architecture may not be so new after all. The GPU in the iPhone 7 uses a custom version of the PowerVR GT7600 GPU, which is based on the same graphics processor architecture as in last year’s iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, according to an analysis by The Linley Group, which specializes in semiconductors. Apple has claimed the A10 Fusion CPU is 2x faster than its predecessor, the A9, and the GPU about 50% faster.

Random iPhone 6s shutdowns due to faulty battery component, Apple says — On Friday, Apple explained on its Chinese site that the problem was found in iPhone 6s devices containing a faulty battery component. This component was “exposed to controlled ambient air longer than it should have” before it was assembled into the battery packs, Apple said.Apple has posted a site where you can check if your model is eligible for battery replacement. Apple is reportedly handling repairs differently based upon supply. If parts are available, employees are repairing devices if possible.

Researchers bypass iPad and iPhone Activation Lock — Vulnerability Lab has published a video to YouTube demonstrating a method for bypassing the Activation Lock on an iOS device. Researchers discovered a convoluted series of steps one can go through starting with a buffer overflow, and also using a Smart Cover…but it’s complicated.


One thought on “iPhone 7 GPU, iPhone 6 shutdowns, bypassing the Lock Screen”

  1. The iPhone 7 is the latest gadget from Apple and it is making a splash on the tech scene.
    With an upgrade in software and hot new features, we had to see what all the fuss was about.
    Another hot new feature is the much debated headphone jack
    Overall, the launch of the iPhone 7 will prove to be a success as many iPhone users upgrade every two years or so to the newest device.
    It looks like the features of water resistance and wireless headphones are here to stay and will likely only get better.


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