External MBPro GPU, mapping drones, Plex player goes free, Calendar spam, Luminar supports Touch Bar


Thunderbolt 3-equipped MacBook Pro can use external GPUs, but at a cost — One of the most frequent complaints about the new MacBook Pro [and the old one, and the iMac, and the Pro, for that matter] is the relatively weak GPU compared to some found on the Windows PC side. Some progress has been made very recently by independent developers, allowing the adventurous who aren’t afraid to spend a few dollars to build and connect an external GPU to a Thunderbolt 3 Mac.
But you have to start modifying macOS to make it work …

Apple to unleash a fleet of flying drones to improve Maps data — Apple ditched Google as the default provider of mapping services in iOS when the company unveiled its own Maps effort in 2012. Although Apple Maps got off to a controversial and rocky start, the service has improved significantly over the years, and is now available for macOS as well as iOS. But Google had a massive head start with maps, and despite its improvement, Apple’s efforts have never quite caught up in terms of features or accuracy.
Now it seems Apple is willing to do anything to top its Mountain View rival, including unleashing a fleet of flying drones.

Plex makes Media Player free to use for macOS, adds Kodi support for subscribers — A highly-regarded media browser and playback tool, Plex Media Player, has exited subscriber-only status, and is now free for Mac users.

Apple working to block Calendar spam — On Wednesday, Apple indicated that it was actively working to identify and block any further spam invites from hitting your iCloud Calendar. Last week, people started receiving suspicious spam invites on iOS and macOS alerting them of special sales for Ugg boots or Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Macphun has added Touch Bar support to their all-in-one photo editor, Luminar — MacBook Pro users now have fast access to key editing features to speed up their workflow.
The update to Luminar also includes improved performance, updated support for RAW files, speed improvement, and bug fixes.


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