Long lost underwater iPhone, slimmer CPUs, new Hermes band


Man recovers working iPhone 4 from bottom of Pennsylvania lake — Thanks to an unusual set of circumstances, a Pennsylvania man is reportedly having a lost iPhone 4 returned to him in working condition, despite losing it at the bottom of a lake in March 2015. The phone was said to be buried under 6 inches of mud and clay, but protected by a rugged Otterbox case. Kalgren took the unit home, where he cleaned it off and put it in rice. To his surprise, it successfully turned on two days later.

Apple, TSMC reportedly ramping up 10nm chip mass production for use in future iPhones — Reports from China suggest that the major chip fabricators are all readying mass production of 10nm process processors, including Apple’s manufacturing partner TSMC for multiple companies.

Hermes to launch new exclusive Apple Watch band on November 24 — Hermes will be launching a new Apple Watch band on November 24, available only from the fashion brand’s boutiques, a report said on Wednesday.