Pointless grilles, Touch Bar screenshots, Luminar shipping, Hour of Code, Microsoft Visual Studio


Pointless speaker grilles — If you have a new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, don’t think putting your ears closer to the speaker grilles will make it sound louder, as the grilles are just for show: they don’t  align with the internal speakers, and the Touch Bar is too difficult to remove.

Screenshots of the Touch Bar on Apple’s new MacBook Pro — The Touch Bar input strip on new MacBook Pro models is itself a Retina Display, but it doesn’t show up as a display in System Report. That’s prompted Apple to create specialised support in its Grab app to enable capture of screenshots of the Touch Bar’s current status.

Luminar is now shipping — Macphun has also launched a comprehensive comparison chart between Luminar, Lightroom, and Aperture.

Apple announces free Hour of Code workshops between Dec. 5 & 11 — Apple on Thursday opened up registrations for its free 2016 Hour of Code workshops, which will take place between December 5 and 11 at Apple Stores worldwide. [New Zealand doesn’t have any Apple-owned Stores, but if you’re elsewhere …]

Microsoft releases preview edition of Visual Studio for Mac — Microsoft has released the anticipated Visual Studio for Mac, bringing over one of its signature Windows development tools.


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