China, Ireland and India, PingPlotter analyses networks

(Image from SecureWorld)
(Image from SecureWorld)

New Chinese cybersecurity law will force Apple to keep data on local servers, aid gov’t. searches — The Chinese parliament has officially approved new electronic security legislation, due to go into effect in June 2017, which could force companies like Apple to make changes to how they handle their data infrastructure – particularly if they’re concerned about privacy.

Irish High Court fast-tracks the Apple data center challenge — The Irish High Court has agreed to put Apple on its commercial list, fast-tracking the resolution of legal objections over its planned €850 million (£756 million) datacenter near Athenry, County Galway, according to Business Insider.

Apple seeks incentives from India’s government before setting up a manufacturing plant — Apple has sought incentives from the Indian government before setting up a manufacturing unit in the country, according to the Economic Times. The incentives are purportedly related to the Department of Revenue and Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeITY).

PingPlotter is a powerful, versatile and a solid tool troubleshooting a connection issue and goes from free to pro — No matter how reliable and fast your Internet is, there are times of unexplained slowness or times when you simply cannot connect reliably to a website. PingPlotter allows you to view the various ‘hops‘ between you and another server. You can view each step in real time and it graphically shows the speed as well as each server that is being used along the way. You can set up multiple windows to trace multiple connections.
PingPlotter can be downloaded free and comes with versions for macOS, Windows, and iOS. The free version has quick troubleshooting all the way up to a US$200 version for professional users. There is a detailed manual online if you would like to see all the application can do.


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