ROME: Total War, more games, fake app purge, new Gmail app


ROME: Total War for iPad release date set for November 10th — On Monday, the company set the release date for November 10th. Oh, and there’s a new video, a playing the game on the iPad video (at the above link). ROME: Total War has been a big franchise on Windows and Mac for a long time. It will cost US$9.99 so roughly NZ$14, and it will be here our Friday {a possible salve for a possible Trumpocalypse}. 

There are lots of other games out too — Check out this Macworld slideshow.

Fake apps on Apple App Stores seeing a pre-holiday surge, purges ongoing — Fake apps have always been a problem to some extent on Apple’s App Stores, with the latest round from China focusing on brands without dedicated apps, as well as online shopping from existing ones in an attempt to steal customer data and financial information. A new round of purges is underway.

Google deploys giant update for iOS Gmail app with new design, improved speed — Google has unveiled a completely redesigned Gmail for iOS app, adding support for Gmail’s “undo send” feature, and vast improvements to search.