Futurology ~ Saturn, Mars meteor, space combat, weird Arctic pings, self-healing, camo solar, NASA’s halloween pumpkins


Saturn looks amazing from above — NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has given us some incredible images of Saturn, and its latest gift is no exception. Taken from above, the black-and-white photo makes the Ringed Planet look like a peaceful orb enclosed by its belted friends.
~ Actually, I’m impressed with Saturn from any angle. 

Strange metallic meteor on Mars — NASA’s Curiosity rover is climbing the slopes of Mount Sharp as it ventures to its next exploration site. Earlier this week, the rover stumbled upon a tiny metallic meteorite which features some rather peculiar features. Using the ChemCam Remote Micro-Imager, Curiosity captured a detailed close-up shot of the object, which has been dubbed “Egg Rock.” Researchers at Arizona State University suggest the meteorite is made of nickel-iron. This iron meteorite likely originated from the planetary core of a planetesimal. It likely came from the asteroid belt ‘near’ Mars.
~ Unique features include a smooth surface and deep grooves. And that it was found at all.

Space combat perfected — The mining station buzzes with activity; drifting in orbit around an unnamed gas giant, it’s home to a small colony of civilian ships and floating supply caches, flitting in and out of the station like worker bees. Heavily armed freighters, remnants of the traitor’s fleet, circle in defensive formation. Soldiers, civilians, infrastructure… game House of the Dying Sun does it all so well.
~ Head for New New Orleans. It’s on Steam, but PC only. 

Weird ping — Indigenous hunters in the Canadian territory of Nunavut have reported unexplained sounds that appear to be coming from the Arctic seafloor. These sounds, described as pings, hums and beeps, have attracted the attention of Canada’s Department of National Defense, which dispatched a plane to investigate.
~ Listen out if you come within 120 km northwest of the hamlet of Igloolik.

Magnetic ink self-heals gadgets — Scientists from the University of California discuss how they plan on fixing broken devices with magnetic ink particles. In one example, smart clothing can repair cuts up to three millimeters long in 50 milliseconds.

Tesla’s camouflaged solar panels — Tesla CEO Elon Musk has unveiled a range of textured glass tiles with integrated solar cells that are nearly indistinguishable from conventional tiling, along with a sleek update to the company’s energy-storing Powerwall. There are four new styles of solar tile, virtually impossible to spot as solar panels from the street.
~ So what about your bragging rights then, that you’re so demonstrably off the grid and could afford the high cost to do so?

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory pumpkin carving contest — Actually, calling it a carving competition seems off: it’s more like a science fair on steroids. Check out the results
~ Well, astronauts are going to need hobbies on those long, boring voyages.


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