iPhone and puddle, Live Action off, Eve Motion, iPhone dip


Apple’s latest ad brings iPhone 7 poolside to tout stereo speakers, waterproof design — The latest minute-long television spot promoting the iPhone 7 showcases the handset’s new, louder stereo speaker design, along with its water resistant chassis.
As with previous iPhone 7 ads, the commercial tells a story, making it more personal than a typical product placement. The ad shows a man lounging poolside, listening to music, before he decides to take advantage of the louder stereo speakers on the iPhone 7 to hear as he walks away.
On the stand beside his pool lounge chair is a puddle, subtly hinting at the waterproof design of the iPhone 7 as it not only rests in the water, but also causes ripples from the volume of the music.

iOS 10.2: how to disable Always On Live Photo — If the iOS 10.2 beta is any indication, Apple thinks every iPhone pic we take should be a Live Photo. Live Photo is on by default and reactivates itself every time you launch the Camera app, but there is a way to force it to stay off. Read on to learn how.

Elgato officially debuts Apple HomeKit-compatible Eve Motion sensor — After teasing the product at a trade show in September, HomeKit device manufacturer Elgato has officially unveiled its motion sensor, the Eve Motion. It has a 120° sensor with a 9-metre range (29.5 feet), and is splash-proof. The device runs on a pair of AA batteries, with a lifetime of a year.

Apple iPhone’s global marketshare dips to 12.1 percent on problems in China & Africa — While the global smartphone market grew at an accelerated pace in the September quarter, Apple’s share of it slipped from 13.6% to 12.1% year-over-year, according to new research data.


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