iPad Pro, iPhone 7, LastPass and Instapaper offer free, camera for Watch band

iPhone 7 is outselling 6s, but the 6 remains stronger
iPhone 7 is outselling 6s, but the 6 remains stronger

Apple leads tablet sales, but the iPad Pro is not its best seller — Apple, Samsung, Amazon, and other tablet vendors shipped just a combined 43 million units in the third quarter of 2016, according to a new report by IDC, marking a year-over-year decline of 14.7%, and more evidence that the worldwide tablet market continues its slump. But despite Apple pushing sales for its latest high-end iPad Pro models, the earlier iPad Air and iPad mini models are Cupertino’s best-selling tablets.

Survey suggests iPhone 7 more popular than Apple’s 6s, not as big as 6 — Apple’s newly released iPhone 7 lineup is poised to outperform its predecessor, the iPhone 6s, a new survey suggests. But outdoing the blockbuster performance of the iPhone 6 series remains a tall order.

Password manager LastPass now works on all your devices for free — Password manager LastPass is taking a big leap forward for all its free users. The company announced its service is now free to use across all devices at the same time. Anyone who’s already using the free version of LastPass can download the company’s mobile apps or the browser extensions to get the service everywhere.

Instapaper makes its premium features free — A giant social network buying a popular service and then killing it is pretty common. But a giant social network buying a popular service and then making its best features totally free is almost unheard of. But just two months after Pinterest bought Instapaper, the company is doing away with the read-it-later app’s subscription costs. Its premium tier is now totally free.


CMRA adds a camera to an Apple Watch band, in a cool way — Glide has built two cameras into a Watch band, and a rechargeable battery too. Charging stand can power up an Apple Watch, too. If you’ll be away from wall outlets for a day or so, the stand doubles as a portable charger.


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