Better speakers, Intel’s Thunderbolt issues, Startup Chime, scary games


Apple’s new MacBook Pros boast 58% louder built-in speakers thanks to new design — One of Apple’s less emphasised upgrades in the 2016 MacBook Pro is better internal speakers, which should – in theory, anyway – be good enough that you might choose them over headphones or external speakers, if just for the sake of convenience. Apple has redesigned the speakers to maximise air displacement, and they are connected directly to system power, allowing up to three times more peak power.

Intel’s chip design, not Apple’s choices, reason behind Thunderbolt 3 & RAM issues in new MacBook Pro — The processors in the new 2016 MacBook Pro line have been identified, clarifying some of the limitations, like limited Thunderbolt 3 bandwidth on some models.

How to restore the classic Mac startup chime to Apple’s new 2016 MacBook Pros — Apple’s newly released MacBook Pro does away with the classic F-sharp major boot-up chime that has been a part of the Mac since 1999. But there’s an easy way to bring it back.

Here’s a list of some great horror games for the Mac — A day late for New Zealand maybe, but here are the top horror games for Mac.


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