iPad leads shrinking market, another iOS update, palm-to-silence Watch

iPad Air 2 from Apple's NZ iPad page
iPad Air 2 from Apple’s NZ iPad page

Led by Air & mini, Apple’s iPad grows lead in shrinking global tablet market — Even with iPad shipments and the market as a whole shrinking year-over-year, Apple still managed to grow its share of the tablet industry in the September quarter, according to research data published on Monday. Apple’s share increased from 19.6% to 21.5%, IDC noted, keeping it ahead of Samsung, which slipped from 16% to 15.1%. Amazon meanwhile leapt from 1.5%t to 7.3%, putting it ahead of Lenovo and Huawei.

Apple issues iOS 10.1.1 with fix for viewing data in Health app — Apple just issued a minor update for iOS, fixing a problem that could prevent some users from viewing data in the Health app. The lack of betas prior to Monday’s release suggest that there many not be any changes beyond the fix for Health. iOS 10.1.1 is now available to download via Software Update or when connecting an iOS device to a Mac or PC via iTunes.

How to use your palm to enable Silent Mode on an Apple Watch — If you need to quickly turn silence your Apple Watch’s notifications, you can do it with your palm.
With your free hand (the non-Apple Watch hand), cover the display of the smartwatch. In about three seconds, the notification will shut up as the smartwatch enters Silent Mode. In this mode, you’ll still feel taps for new notifications.


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