Big apple and Big Blue, US DDoS attacks, Sierra Auto-Logout

Macs, iOS and Watson are the glue in Apple/IBM partnership — IBM and Apple have been partnering with each other for some time now. The action continues with Macs finding great favour within IBM while education initiatives via iPads continue. Finally, IBM’s Watson  business unit (which now employs an estimated 10,000 workers) has to be giving Apple some big ideas. This has the signs of becoming one of the most productive partnerships ever, amongst former rivals, in the tech industry. Clearly IBM has learned a lot about how to increase productivity and cut costs by giving employees Macs, the best tool for the job.

Big DDoS attacks underway are causing major Internet disruptions — A number of large websites and web hosting providers based on the East coast of the US have been hit with a series of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. The attacks are continuing, taking down such sites as the New York Times, CNN, Twitter, Netflix, HBO Now, PayPal and Reddit. [This isn’t malware for Mac users, but attacks that take down major web servers.]

Disable Auto-Logout if macOS Sierra enabled it — Some people have reported weird rebooting/logging out problems on their Macs after upgrading to macOS Sierra. Mac Geek Gab listener Ken was one of those folks, and he traced it to an auto-logout preference Sierra appears to have changed for him. Fortunately, resetting it is an easy fix. Here’s how.


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