Siri on Halloween, iOS 10.3, NZ dev changes, new Bass, park, medical EKG

I know where I'll be ...
I know where I’ll be

Not sure what to be for Halloween? Ask Siri! Siri may not be the brightest AI in the world, but it certainly has a sense of humour. Longtime AWT reader and Team AWT member Hal Sherman passed along some results from a friend – Julie B – who was asking Siri the question “What should I be (or wear) for Halloween?” The responses are typically nerdy and funny.

iOS 10.0.3 now available — iOS 10.0.3 was released today for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Some users had been experiencing a loss of cellular connectivity on the two newest iPhones, and this update includes a bug fix for that issue.

Currency exchange rate and tax law changes result in App Store compensation changes for New Zealand — Developers who sell apps on Apple’s App Store are dependent on the cut that they get from Apple for their income. Apple sent emails to developers in  New Zealand (and South Africa) to let them know that what they earn each time an app is sold will be changing in the next few days.
Kiwi developers won’t see prices changing as the result of a new goods and services tax that began being levied on October 1; instead they will get less from Apple for each app sold.

IK Multimedia presents the first physically modeled electric bass — MODO BASS® is the first physically modelled bass virtual instrument that gives you an unprecedented realistic performance for your bass tracks. You can listen to it here.

Find your car — Apple Maps supposedly remembers where your car is and shows you, but I’ve never actually seen this feature. But launch the Tuture app and forget about it: when you need to know where you parked, just relaunch Tuture to see the location of your car automatically and with no accessories. It’s free.

AliveCor Kardia Mobile is medical-grade EKGs from your iPhone — Here’s one for the young doctors, maybe: AliveCor has created the Kardia Mobile, a US$99 FDA-approved device for taking instant medical-grade EKGs in 30 seconds using a small sensor pad plus a smartphone or tablet.


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