Samsung’s consumer decline, updated Music, actionable notifications, best for heart rate, Apple Watch plays iPhone


The iPhone and Google Pixel are taking a bite out of Samsung’s decline consumer base — The fall of the Galaxy Note7 has Samsung’s smartphone customers seeking new brands. Now, 40% of current Samsung consumers say they won’t buy another phone from the brand — that’s a 6% increase since the first week of the phone’s U.S. recall on September 15. Corporate culture and haste seems to have been at the core of Samsung mishandling of Note 7 situation. [That’s speculation – how would Apple or anyone else have handled such a disaster?]

Apple debuts Apple Music ad touting revamped UI, custom playlists, Beats 1 — Apple on Wednesday shared a fresh ad spot focusing on new and refined features included in the revamped Apple Music app, which launched in September as part of iOS 10.

Apple made big changes to actionable notifications in iOS 10 — How users view, clear and interact with notifications works differently in iOS 10 than its earlier counterparts. These interactions also change depending on the device used. Here’s how to take full advantage of the new capabilities.

Apple Watch is most precise wrist-worn heart rate tracker at 90% accuracy, study says — It appears Apple’s bet to pack a bespoke heart rate sensor into Apple Watch instead of off-the-shelf technology paid off, as Cleveland Clinic researchers recently found Apple’s Watch to be the most accurate wrist-worn fitness tracker on the market.

How to play music from an iPhone using your Apple Watch — You can use your Apple Watch to listen to music on your iPhone, since when your paired iPhone is in range, you can use your smartwatch to control what’s playing on your iPhone.


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