Recalibrate Fitness Tracking, how to use Gestures, and activate Power Reserve manually


How to recalibrate Apple Watch Fitness Tracking — If you have calibrated your Apple Watch for better step count and distance accuracy, but something went wonky and it’s wrong again, there’s an easy fix, and a great excuse to get outside to walk some more. Read on to learn how to reset your Apple Watch fitness tracking calibration.

How to use gestures on your Apple Watch — You can use a variety of gestures to interact with your Apple Watch. When you touch the screen, your watch uses Force Touch technology to sense how hard you press.
You can tap the screen to select a button or item. Drag your finger across the screen to scroll or adjust a slider.

How to Find & Activate Power Reserve manually in watchOS 3 — In watchOS 3, there are no more Glances, so Apple had to relocate the manual activation of Power Reserve to the Control Center. Power Reserve is used on the Apple Watch to extend the battery life in a critical situation. It’s probably a feature that was conceived early on when Apple engineers weren’t sure the Apple Watch Series 0 could make it through an entire day without a recharge. Here’s how to use it.



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