Intense MacBook Pro interest, Sierra for security, Naples academy, ReValver builds amp profiles


Research shows intense interest in Apple MacBooks, even given long time since last refresh — Research data gathered in the summer of 2016 on interest in Apple’s laptop lines suggest that any new release, despite the MacBook Pro having lain fallow for over a year, will generate both intense traffic and very high sales. Now people are wondering whether Apple rescheduled its earnings call so it could reveal new Macs.

Sierra boosts security significantly — The feature list of macOS Sierra is deceptively simple. It is so modest in its scope that some users may be seduced into thinking that they may not need the upgrade, even though it’s free. That’s a bad idea, since it’s much more secure than El Capitan.

Apple’s first European iOS Developer Academy opening in Naples, Italy — Apple will open its first European training academy at the University of Naples Federico II’s San Giovanni campus in Italy, with a first wave of 200 students enrolled. There are photos here.

Peavey ReValver 4 turn a guitar sample into an Amp Model — Peavey has an interesting piece of software called ReValver 4. With it you can sample a guitar sound and ReValver 4 will turn that sample into an amp model for you. There are a lot of glorious guitar sounds out there, and ReValver brings them to you without a lot of muss or fuss. It runs on Mac or that other platform.


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