Secure your Lock Screen, change Watch faces via iPhone, Ink Wars

locksciOS 10: How to Secure Your Lock Screen — The lock screen in iOS has grown much more useful over the years. Push Notifications became useful enough that some started calling them “the new interface,” while widgets have gained power and flexibility. All this is great for convenience and faster ways to manage byte-sized tasks (left: the time in Toronto and Amsterdam, Auckland weather, the tides and more on my Lock Screen) during the day, but that potentially sensitive information is glanceable for others, too – no passcode or Touch ID required. It might be time to think about a Lock Screen Detox, and here are some ideas to try.

How to change watch faces using your iPhone — Here’s how to change watch faces in watchOS 3 using an iPhone.
First, launch the Watch app on your iPhone.
Click on the name of your Apple Watch.
You’ll see the watch faces under My Face. You can scroll through ‘em to find the one your want.
Tap on the one you wish to use.
On the next screen, you’ll see an option to customise it. You can add complications, as you wish, and, on many faces, change the colour.
Tap on Set to make it the current Watch Face. (From Apple world Today.)


Ink Wars — I saw an iPad game developed here in New Zealand by Media Hive at an event at MOTAT on the weekend. Ink Wars is free (there are in-game purchases available if you really want them) and it’s graphically pretty cool. Ink wars needs two players to play together at once, so might be a fun way for you to keep school-holiday kids occupied.


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