Five Tip Friday ~ Some for macOS Sierra (and even one for El Capitan)


1/ Siri on Mac does conversions — Now that Siri is on your Mac, presuming you have installed the latest macOS (10.12, which is free in the Mac App Store – just search with ‘sierra’ if you don’t see it on the opening screen) you don’t need to delve into Google or the Calculator app in your Applications folder, as you can now get a quicker answer. Try this: launch Siri whether with the keyboard combo (Command-Spacebar is the default) or click the Siri button at top-right of your monitor, and say  ‘what’s 16 centimetres in inches?’ or ‘what’s 45 pounds in kilograms?’. Siri also does currency: ‘What is 500 New Zealand dollars in Euros?’ or even “What’s NZ500 in Euros?’

2/ Siri can even do date calculations — Try ‘How many days until Christmas?’ or ‘How many days until April 3 2017?’

3/ Siri does difficult maths — Try asking it some maths questions, too. If Siri can’t perform a calculation locally, it passes it along to WolframAlpha, So be sure to try Siri out as a verbal calculator: ‘Is 39 a Prime Number?’ or ‘What’s 367,289 divided by 93,999?’.

4/ Smart auto-empty trash — You won’t need to worry about your full trash filling up your Mac’s storage any more.  While in the Finder, choose the Finder menu, select Preferences, click Advanced and then tick Remove itens for the Trash after 30 days. macOS Sierra is smart enough to keep track of which items have been sitting in your Mac’s Trash for 30 days so only the oldest items get deleted. Whatever you tossed in yesterday, for example, will still be there after last month’s files get deleted.

emoj5/ Nifty instant Emoi — OK, finally, here’s a nifty key combo to show you what Emoji you can use in general typing. And this is in El Capitan, the previous macOS, too. Hold down the Command, key (there’s one either side of your Spacebar) and while it’s held down, hold down the Control key, and with them both held down together, press the Spacebar. You’ll see either the Emoji and Symbol Viewer window. To switch between the window and smaller palette, click the little icon with the Command key symbol in the upper-right corner of both the window and palette. Double-click any of the little images to insert them in any text – like this: 😝😉🇳🇿. You can switch between categories of symbols with the icons along the bottom.


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