Malware and bugs, Fujitsu fix, Apple music tops, Celebgate guilt, macOS visual history, London


Malware hiding in Russian space program — Security researchers have found a new Mac OS X malware that appears to be targeting the aerospace industry. The Trojan, called Komplex, can download, execute, and delete files from an infected Mac, according to security firm Palo Alto Networks. Interestingly, the Trojan will also save a PDF document to the infected system concerning the Russian space program.
The PDF document details planned Russian space projects from 2016 to 2025, but it acts as a decoy, Palo Alto Networks said in Monday blog post.
To infect its victims, the Trojan seems to be exploiting a known vulnerability in the [accursed!] MacKeeper antivirus software, according to Palo Alto Networks. That vulnerability can cause a Mac to execute remote commands when visiting specially crafted web pages. European antivirus specialists Intego were among the first to discover this.
Unrelated to this, Apple has allegedly invited a bevy of third party security experts and device hackers to its headquarters to break down the details of the previously announced bug bounty program for macOS and iOS.

Fujitsu drive and Sierra fix — Futjitsu ScanSnap customers and macOS 10.12 Sierra might be relieved to know Fujitsu has narrowed down the circumstances and features of ScanSnap hard drive that cause a problem in Sierra to three (below). More importantly, Fujitsu said, “A fix for the above problems is expected to be made available in the middle of October, 2016.”

Apple Music tops customer satisfaction in new JD Power study — In terms of customer satisfaction, at least, Apple Music is the top-rated streaming music service, JD Power said in its first Streaming Music Satisfaction Study, published on Wednesday.

Second man pleads gulity in ‘Celebgate’ hacks of iCloud & Gmail accounts — Edward Majerczyk of Illinois has become the second person to plead guilty in 2014’s ‘Celebgate’ scandal, which saw the leak of nude photos and other private data from hundreds of people, including many female celebrities.

Check out this fun visual history of Mac OS X/macOS — GitTower is celebrating the launch of macOS Sierra with an update of its info site, An Illustrated History of macOS. The site starts with Mac OS X Kodiak, which debuted in September 2000, down to the just-released macOS Sierra.

Apple plans to open a ‘spectacular’ new campus in London — Apple is to create a “spectacular” new London headquarters at Battersea Power Station in a “massive coup” for the developers behind the £9 billion project, according to the Evening Standard.


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