Aurora HDR deal, tabbed windows, Memory Cleaner, Paragon NTFS for Windows/Mac drives


Aurora deal running out — The new Aurora HDR 2017 will be launched very soon. MacPhun claims it looks better, runs faster and makes fantastic HDR photos. Current owners of Aurora HDR can pre-order the new version and save 80%, plus get bonuses from Macphun partners.

How to use tabbed windows in macOS Sierra — macOS Sierra brings tabs to apps that allow for multiple windows. Tabs are available in such Apple apps as Mail, Maps, TextEdit, Pages, Keynote, and Numbers, and the feature works with third-party document-based apps and the Finder.

Memory Cleaner makes it easy to clean out the junk files on your Mac — Every time you open a file on your hard drive, your Mac uses some memory. That makes things operate quickly, but, over time, residual files lounge around in the RAM, making your Mac a bit sluggish.
Memory Cleaner for macOS 10.7 and higher from ZipZap Mac is designed to rectify this. It frees wasted memory (RAM) with a simple, no-frills approach. [Restarting your Mac does the same thing; this means you don’t need a restart for your Mac to gets its head-space back.]

Paragon NTFS for Mac is now fully optimised to support macOS Sierra — The software eliminates boundaries between Mac and Windows incompatible operating systems, delivering full read and write support for NTFS-formatted drives on macOS Sierra systems.
Paragon NTFS for Mac achieves the speed of native drivers and is the industry’s fastest solution for sharing data between Mac and Windows systems, so that users don’t even notice on which platform their files are. You can also format any partition, check partition integrity, fix errors, view reports and take advantage of other useful check and control options. Paragon NTFS costs US$19.95.


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