Advertising blocker, Triplejump, Fujitsu problem


You can block advertising and trackers with Cheerio on macOS Sierra — Accesources has introduced Cheerio for macOS Sierra, which blocks the loading of advertisements on web pages.
The tool removes advertising, trackers and other unwanted elements from web pages when using Safari on your Mac. It makes pages load faster, uses less data on your cellular/Wifi connection, and improves your Mac battery life, according to the folks at Accessories. You can block ads, rollover ads, video ads, banners, overlay or expanding ads and other marketing content. It’s only NZ$1.49/US99¢ in the Mac App Store. [I bought it.]

Apple’s Tuplejump purchase hints at a smarter Siri and Echo competitor — Apple indirectly confirmed it purchased the machine learning company Tuplejump, adding to its collection of artificial intelligence talent. Tuplejump’s technology is designed to process large amounts of data to make it easier to work with, which sounds like a great fit for Siri.

ScanSnap warns of Sierra and Fujitsu drives — Fujitsu updated ScanSnap users Friday on Sierra compatibility, warning of data loss in “specific circumstances.” This is an escalation from an earlier advisory that ScanSnap users should not update to macOS 10.12 Sierra. [This is really not a common drive brand in New Zealand, where almost everything seems to be WD (Western Digital) or Seagate, but if you’re worried, look at your external drives to see what logos they carry.]


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