Futurology ~ Rosetta’s eruptions, Pluto’s deep oceans, Earth’s oxygen leak, bad food detector, Quantum Teleportation, smoking damages DNA, Marshalls going under


What caused the weird eruptions on Rosetta’s comet — Last summer, something strange happened on Rosetta’s comet. After a period of calm, the comet began throwing huge jets of comet dust into space before abruptly stopping. Now, we finally know what happened. It was the sun heating up the comet’s volatile terrain after long, cold nights.
~ I was happy with the explanation ‘weird eruptions’.

Pluto’s oceans might be really deep — In recent months, there’s been growing evidence that Pluto is hiding a liquid water ocean beneath its frozen surface. New models by researchers at Brown University support this hypothesis, and take it one mind-boggling step further: Pluto’s ocean may be over 100 kilometers (62 miles) deep.
~ It’s salty, too. 

Our atmosphere is leaking oxygen — Atmospheric oxygen levels have dropped by 0.7% over the past 800,000 years, and while scientists aren’t sure why, they’re rather excited about it.
~ I suspect someone just isn’t breathing out properly. 

Gadgets detects off food — A new paper in ACS Infectious Diseases details a new technique that combines two existing food contamination detection methods (magnetic resonance and fluorescence testing) into a single fast diagnostic test. It can check for both high and low levels of E. coli bacteria simultaneously, without the time and lab-work of traditional culturing. The results, lead author of the paper Tuhina Banerjee told Gizmodo, start to become clear within one minute. After 15 minutes, the technique can give a confirmed test result for the presence of E. coli.
~ We have a cat. If it won’t eat it, nor will I (although I concede this only works for fish and meat, and not for vegetables).

Quantum teleportation just moved out of the lab and into the real world — Two independent teams of scientists have been successfully sending quantum information across several kilometres of optical fibre networks in Calgary, Canada, and Hefei, China. Quantum teleportation relies on a strange phenomenon called quantum entanglement: that two particles are inextricably linked, so measuring the state of one immediately affects the state of the other, no matter how far apart the two are.
~ I’m only going to be taking this seriously when it can send pizza. 

Smoking permanently damages your DNA — Smoking scars DNA in clear patterns, researchers reported Tuesday. Most of the damage fades over time, they found –but not all. Their study of 16,000 people found that while most of the disease-causing genetic footprints left by smoking fade after five years if people quit, some appear to stay there forever.
~ Just when you thought all the bad news about smoking was already found. 

The Marshalls are already experiencing sea level rise, so people have been leaving — On low-lying fragments of land like the Marshall Islands, the tides are threatening to take away what they previously helped support: life. Here, no one is spared the rising seas. Most departing Marshallese are heading for the USA. More than 20,000 people from this remote sprawl of islands, located between Hawaii and Australia, are now in the US, and they gather mostly around Springdale, an unremarkable corner of Arkansas.
~ Unremarkable, I’ll wager, except for its distance from and height above the sea?


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