Siri on desktop, macOS Sierra, 60 security loopholes fixed, bootable Sierra, no to TASCAM, verdict, iWork collaboration, iTunes to Ireland


Siri on your desktop — Siri’s first incarnation on the desktop brings a wealth of possibilities for workflow expansion and knowledge navigation. Siri isn’t constantly listening to the user like it can on iOS, nor is there a setting to allow it to do so in Sierra — and this is a good thing. Users can easily bring up the function with a keystroke, by clicking on the menu bar (shown above), or invoking the feature through the dock icon.

macOS Sierra’s Tabbed Windows and apps — In macOS Sierra, you can use the tabbed window goodness you’re familiar with from Safari and the Finder in pretty much any app. Tabbed app windows are a system-level thing, so there’s a good chance the apps you use every day already support the feature. Here’s how it works.

Apple’s new macOS Sierra fixes over 60 security flaws — Some of the vulnerabilities allowed for arbitrary code execution and remote attack. [Thanks, Apple’s developers!]

How to create a bootable macOS Sierra USB drive — You can download and install macOS Sierra from the Mac App Store. However, you may want to create a bootable macOS Sierra USB drive, although this isn’t as easy as it should be.

TASCAM users: don’t upgrade to macOS Sierra yet — As has become unfortunately typical from TASCAM, macOS Sierra-compatible drivers for much of their audio hardware are not yet available. Previous years have seen a three-to-six month wait after the release of each new build of OS X for TASCAM to finally put out even preliminary public beta drivers. [Really, TASCAM? Sierra has been available to beta testers for months and months! I jumped ship from ProTools to Logic years ago for just this reason and I’ve never looked back.]

Jury says Apple must pay MobileMedia $3 million in damages — A federal jury in Delaware has hit Apple with a $3 million damages verdict Wednesday after ruling that some of the company’s iPhone models infringe a MobileMedia Ideas owned patent covering incoming phone call alert sounds. MobileMedia sued Apple in 2010, claiming it infringed 14 patents for electronics. [Gee, Apple Board, looks like you need to skip lunch next week to pay for it. Get your maids to pack you sandwiches why don’t you?]

iWork updates add real-time collaboration — Apple has updated the iWork suite of apps (Keynote, Numbers, and Pages) to version 6.0. The updates were hinted about during the September 9 keynote, when the real-time collaboration feature for iWork was briefly discussed. The iOS and versions of the apps have already received the collaboration update; today’s update makes the feature universal.

iBooks Author updated — Apple has updated iBooks Author to version 2.5. The update includes new templates for creating interactive ePub books, support for publishing to iBooks using an Apple ID with two-factor authentication enabled, an improved workflow when publishing books on behalf of multiple sellers, and the old favourite: performance and stability improvements.

Apple is moving its iTunes business to Ireland — iTunes S.à r.l., Apple’s Luxembourg holding company, will complete its merger with Apple Distribution International in Cork, Ireland, on Sept. 25, and will relocate its business from Luxembourg to Cork in early 2017. The distribution center facilitates operations for the call center, sales, manufacturing, service and OEM management for products sold in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region. [Ire-Land, ha ha.]


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