iOS 10, iPhone 7, ExoLens, Apple Watch Series 2

The US $250 ExoLens Pro Telephoto Kit has Optics by ZEISS
The US $250 ExoLens Pro Telephoto Kit has Optics by ZEISS

iOS 10 — At first glance, the lock screen hasn’t changed much in iOS 10. But once I started poking around in the public beta, it was obvious there was more than meets the eye. Apple has made a number of additions, improvements, and changes to the iOS 10 lock screen, and some of them might be a little disorienting. Just because you can technically install and run iOS 10 on an iPhone 5 and 5c doesn’t mean you’ll be able to use all of its features. Obvious limitations like 3D Touch and Apple Pay aside, here are some of the iOS 10 features you’ll miss if you’re running the iPhone 5 or 5c.
With the launch of iOS 10, there is Voicemail Transcription [Voicemail wasn’t properly supported in NZ as a telco policy]. Apple has made one very important change that could affect the lives of millions of other people, too: users can now register to become an organ donor directly from within the Health app, at least in the US. And Apple cracking down on gif search terms in iOS 10 Messages after porn discovery.

iPhone 7 — Apple fans have lined up worldwide for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and Apple Watch Series 2. Apple’s iPhone 7 & 7 Plus survive early drop and water testsThe iPhone 7 solid-state home button works on capacitive touch, gloved users take note. Apple updated its iconic home button from a mechanical push-button design to a solid-state sensor stack, meaning it requires direct contact with skin, or a capacitive glove, to operate. The gang at iFixIt took a look at what contributes to that stellar IP67 rating. Here’s how to force reboot your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, since the procedure has changed.

ExoLens previews new products for the iPhone 7/7 Plus — ExoLens has announced four new products for the iPhone 7/7 Plus. The $199.99 ExoLens Pro Wide-Angle Kit (pictured) with Optics by ZEISS is a pro-level, mobile accessory lens for photographers, artists, and journalists. Camera app makers tap into RAW power with iOS, and look forward to dual lenses.

iFixIt tears down the Apple Watch Series 2 — The gang at iFixIt, who tears apart tech products so you don’t have to, has completed its teardown of the Apple Watch Series 2. They say that, or the most part, the Series 2 is a typical second revision Apple device: it looks almost exactly the same on the outside, but it’s super refined and a bit easier to work with on the inside. And here’s a closer look at Apple Watch Series 2 and the long path Apple took to the world of wearables.


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