Aurora HDR 2017, Apple up 8%, network speed tests


Aurora HDR 2017 first look: Macphun’s flashy editor turbocharges your photos — Aurora HDR 2017, an update to Macphun’s nearly year-old HDR app, is dedicated to making your photos sizzle with light and colour. Part of that is the influence of photographer Trey Ratcliff, who partnered with the software company to develop the app, including his signature line of presets within the software. Aurora HDR 2017 is available for pre­order on the app’s website for US$99 and will go live on September 29. Special pre-order prices are US$49 
for current users of Aurora HDR Pro and US$69 for those who own the standard version. New customers can pre­order Aurora HDR 2017 for US$89.

Apple is trading up 8% since last Friday — Apple is trading up 8% since last Friday and is realizing the highest share price levels it’s seen in five months. While the company’s Irish tax complications took focus at the end of August, favorable iPhone 7 demand along with the release of Apple Watch Series 2 and other developments disclosed at the company’s event last week have left the matter sidelined as investors look toward the future.

SpeedyNet for Mac gives network speed tests — If you need to find out why your home or office network is running slower than it should, or if you’re just interested to see how fast it does run, check out Speedy Net.
It’s an NZ$2.99/US$1.99 utility that requires Mac OS X 10.7 or higher and is available at the Mac App Store. Speedy Net lets you easily test and measure the performance of your home or office network. It detects reachability problems between devices; test transfer speeds between devices; and calculate latency times, but it analyses your local network performance, not your Internet speed.