Jack adapter, iPhone 7 Home button, using AirPods, iPhone 7 faster than MacBook, Wide Color, Jet Black, Galaxy Note banned, Apple Watch Series 2

Really, everyone, you didn't expect a solution like this to appear?
Really, everyone, you didn’t expect a solution like this to appear?

Belkin announces the Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar for the iPhone 7/7 Plus — Belkin has announced the Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar adapter for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Developed closely with Apple, it plugs into the Lightning connector making it possible to use Lightning Audio headphones or the Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter and charge your iPhone at the same time.

Hands-on with iPhone 7 Home Button: disappointing Haptic Feedback, increased functionality — Apple had two major changes in iPhone 7 beyond incremental improvements. The first is the much-talked about lack of an auxiliary port for headphones, but the other will effect the way we do things far longer than the transition to Lightning audio. That’s moving from a physical Home Button to a touch-sensitive, stationary Home Button. Here’s what Bryan Chaffin found about the iPhone 7 Home Button during my hands-on session at Apple’s media event.

Hands-on with Apple’s AirPods wireless headphones — AppleInsider offers a closer look with this hands-on video.

iPhones now faster than Macs — It’s official, well at least according to reported Geekbench scores spotted in the wild! iPhones are now faster than Macs! The latest, and most recently updated, 2016 12” MacBook is slower than the iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple’s Wide Color screen on the iPhone 7 will lead to more faithful color reproduction — Apple has implemented many different changes to graphics presentation over the years, but none may be more dramatic and have a more lasting impact than the ongoing shift from older technologies to the new Wide Color standard as found in the iPhone 7 family.

How Apple achieves the high-gloss ‘jet black’ colour on the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus — Apple made something of a fuss about the iPhone 7’s new ‘jet black’ colour during this week’s press event in San Francisco, going into depth about the nine-step process needed to achieve that look. Here’s how it’s accomplished.

Voice Record Pro is a solid replacement for Apple’s Voice Memos app — Sometimes, Apple’s Voice Memos app is perfect for quickly grabbing a spoken word note or recording a meeting. On the other hand, it’s quite limited in capability, so users may find themselves wanting more. Voice Record Pro 7 is a viable replacement to Apple’s native voice memos app, providing more options to record, playback, and upload to cloud storage.

Explosions prompt FAA to warn airline passengers against using Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in flight — With just a week to go before Apple’s jumbo-sized iPhone 7 Plus hits the market, its chief competitor – Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 – continues to deal with the fallout from faulty batteries, including a safety warning issued by the US Federal Aviation Administration. [I can tell you anecdotally that they have to be turned off in Air New Zealand flights, too – this reported by a family member last night coming back from Melbourne.]

Hands-On with Apple Watch Series 2: faster, better, prettier — Bryan Chaffin checked out Apple Watch Series 2 (AWS2) at Apple’s hands-on demo after Wednesday’s media event, and was impressed. “There’s a lot to like in this second generation device, and I’ve gathered my hands-on impressions …” [Apple Watch series 2? That’s way too long a name, Apple. Can’t you just drop ‘Series’?]
But preorders have already slipped from two to three weeks.


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