Massive tax bill at last, MacBook Pro OLED code, Intel Kaby Lake

(Image from Mac Observer)

Tim Cook responds to $14.5B EU tax bill with open letter, and says the decision will be reversed. [I say come hell or high water, at least the lawyers will get richer still.] Turkish PM says Apple should move to Turkey [not exactly stable or safe …]. Another column reckons it could be Apple, not intransigent noms, that destroys the European Union.
Meanwhile, Apple’s competitors are sensing weakness. [They shouldn’t be – Apple can actually afford this bill.]

Possible references to MacBook Pro OLED ‘Function Row’ spotted in Pages code — A reference to a ‘Dynamic Function Row’ has been spotted in Apple’s latest release of the Pages word processing app, potentially confirming a rumoured name for the OLED touch bar on the new MacBook Pro. Spotted by Consomac, a text entry has been found in the MenuCommands.strings system file for Apple’s Pages, with a menu option titled ‘Customize Function Row.’
But can new Macs and macOS Sierra beat the overall personal computer sales trend? Wonders Dennis Sellers.

Low-end Intel Kaby Lake processors detailed, MacBook Pro version absent — Intel has shed some specific details for the first time about the new seventh generation Kaby Lake processors suitable for the MacBook and MacBook Air, but as expected, processors suitable for the MacBook Pro have yet to materialise.