Machine learning and Siri, Facebook political affiliations, Twitter’s night mode

Yes, exactly.
Yes, exactly.

Siri’s voice to benefit from machine learning improvements in Apple’s iOS 10 — When iOS 10 arrives this fall — most likely in September — Siri’s voice should sound a little more natural thanks to machine learning technology Apple is implementing.
[Will I start to use Siri then? I really doubt it. For one thing, my defaults to find information are powerful and long-used and involve typing, Safari and Maps, and for a second, there are many times where I simply don’t want to start asking my phone things – when I’m in public, for example. I mean apart from the fact I, like many New Zealanders, don’t want to draw attention to myself, I also don’t necessarily want others hearing my query and the answer. As for Siri’s voice, it makes no difference to me what it sounds like: the barriers are as above, not about the quality of Siri’s voice or answers.]

How to use your iPhone to see what political affiliation Facebook thinks you have — Facebook stores a significant amount of data on every user, including details about devices and operating systems you’ve used to access the service, and what political affiliation you may be. Here’s how to find out what the world’s largest social network knows about you.

Twitter’s new Night Mode — Twitter has added a night mode feature to its iOS app. When night mode is activated, the Twitter interface changes to darker hues so that Tweets are easier to read in low light, when you don’t want to be squinting at a bright white screen. The feature was originally introduced in Twitter’s Android app back in July.

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