Store tweaks, 10th Apple Music Festival, Crossover, solving Googles, Gliimpse


Apple tweaks its retail stores job titles and layouts — Apple met with retail employees over the weekend to introduce “major new changes, including new and renamed positions, a new credo, and new store layouts,” reports MacRumors, quoting unnamed “multiple retail sources.” Apple has 488 retail stores in 21 countries and an online store available in 39 countries [including in New Zealand,

10th anniversary Apple Music Festival to start September 18 in London — Apple has just announced the 10th anniversary Apple Music Festival, which will run from September 18th through 30th at London’s Roundhouse.

CrossOver 15 lets you run Windows apps on your Mac without the cost — If you just need to run one specific Windows app and you don’t want the expense of the VM software and a Windows license, that’s where CrossOver 15 comes in, and here it is on sale for just US$19.99.

Get rid of Google Earth Update Helper pop-ups by uninstalling Google’s hidden software updater — Large numbers of Mac users report receiving unexpected installation dialogs for Google Earth. Here’s how to solve that problem, and Google is continuing a migration away from Chrome apps, and has revealed a plan to cut packaged and hosted apps from its standalone Web browser in the next two years. [Good old Google and its InvaderWare …]

Apple scoops up Gliimpse, a personal health data company — Apple has bought Gliimpse, a personal health data startup, according to Fast Company. The acquisition apparently took place earlier this year. The company helps users collect their medical data from web portals, then help organize it into a shared and understood health story.