Watch engineer talks, fake iPhone photos, no frills Google Duo


Former Apple Watch engineer talks Apple design culture, secrecy, more in interview — Former Apple engineer Bob Messerschmidt, who headed up the group responsible for the highly regarded Apple Watch heart rate sensor, recently sat down with Fast Company to offer an inside look at what it was like working with Jony Ive’s secretive Industrial Design Group.

How to tell which leaked iPhone photos are fake — As September 7th’s iPhone 7 launch looms closer [actually, the 7th isn’t an official date either] we’re seeing more and more leaked photos showing what claim to be photos of Apple’s soon-to-be-announced next generation smartphone. Those photos may be fun to see, but there’s a good chance they’re fake and it doesn’t take much to suss them out when you know what to look for. [I just assume they’re all fake. I’m happy to wait till Apple releases something, and then I know exactly what’s in it. ]

Google launches Duo, its cross-platform answer to FaceTime, for Android and iOS — The no-frills FaceTime competitor is simple to use and gives you a peek at the video right from your lock screen. [Yeah, but it’s Google, so how secure will it be?]