Microsoft Office apps, iPad Pro rumours, new Beta, more Transit Maps


Microsoft updates Office apps to allow on-screen sketching for iPhone — Over half a year after adding Apple Pencil support to Office for the iPad Pro, Microsoft has just added a similar feature for written annotations to the suite’s core iPhone apps. The new drawing tab lets people use a finger or stylus to mark up a document. Users can select from an eraser tool, a highlighter, or a pen, with thickness and color controls. Powerpoint users can draw directly on slides, and in Excel, cells can now contain annotations as well as data.

Dennis Sellers on the latest iPad Pro rumours — KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Apple will release three iPad Pro models in 2017 (including a 10.5-inch version) and a “revolutionary” tablet in 2018. But having three sizes of an iPad Pro and a 7.9-inch iPad mini would make the line-up more confusing[And speculating this far ahead seems crazy to me.]

Apple releases new betas for iOS 10 — Apple has released new betas of iOS 10. For developers, the new version is iOS 10 dev beta 6; for users who are enrolled in the Apple Software Beta Program, it’s iOS 10 beta 5.

Apple Maps transit coverage comes to San Antonio & Dallas Fort-Worth — Apple has introduced public transit coverage to two more urban areas in Texas, namely San Antonio and the Dallas-Fort Worth region.


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