Black Hat bug bounty, 7 billion bond sale, Warhammer for Mac, machine learning, Anytune transcriber

Warhammer will soon be available for Mac
Warhammer will soon be available for Mac

Apple announces invitation-only bug bounty program at Black Hat conference — The company had lagged behind competitors in providing financial incentives to report exploits to it, but now an Apple security chief unexpectedly announced the company will pay for vulnerabilities found in certain aspects of iOS and iCloud. The program will launch in September by invitation only for a few dozen researchers with whom Apple has an existing strong relationship, and payouts will be based on severity and category. The top fees across five areas range from $25,000 to $200,000, but could be much lower.

Apple issues $7 billion bond sale in US market — In a filing made to the US Securities and Exchange Commission on July 28, Apple detailed its latest $7 billion bond sale in the US marketplace. As noted by AppleInsider, the joint book running managers for this bond sale listed in the SEC filing are Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Securities, and Merrill Lynch. Bank of America is not participating in any way with this offering, but was listed as a fund manager during the last sale.

It’s Total War: Warhammer time for the Mac this fall — Feral Interactive will bring Total War: Warhammer to Mac and Linux systems this autumn. The game is developed by Creative Assembly, in partnership with Games Workshop, and published by SEGA for Windows computers. Pricing and system requirements will be announced closer to release.
This is a fantasy strategy game that combines an addictive turn-based campaign of skilful empire building with colossal real-time battles as players strive to conquer all at the head of one of four mythic Races. Or so Feral says.

Apple acquires machine learning and AI startup Turi for $200M, report says — Apple has reportedly purchased Turi, a small Seattle-based startup specialising in machine learning and artificial intelligence technology for a purchase price of around $200 million.

Anytune is a handy learning/transcribing OS X tool for musicians — Anytune for Mac OS X allows musicians to learn to play or transcribe songs by slowing down the tempo, adjusting the pitch, repeating loops, and setting and sharing marks. Anytune for Mac requires a Mac OS X 10.98 or later. A demo version is available at the product website; you can buy the product for NZ$44.99 (US $29.99) at the Mac App Store.


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