Diversity improved, Apple can sell power, 1Password subscriptions


Apple’s latest diversity report shows 54 percent of new hires were minorities — New hires are the most diverse, but overall, the diversity of Apple’s workforce still has room for improvement. Of the hires, 37 percent were women. In addition, Apple claims to have closed the pay gap in the US, offering equal pay for equal work. The company is currently analysing salaries, bonuses, and stock options for employees around the world. “If a gap exists, we’ll address it.” [Not a message Neil Roberts ever seemed to get.] Apple has a Diversity webpage.

Apple gains approval to sell energy through its Apple Energy subsidiary — The US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has approved the wholesale selling of energy, capacity and other services needed to maintain reliable power by Apple Energy LLC, a subsidiary of Apple, Inc.

1Password’s new individual subscription plan protects your passwords across devices — Now individuals can get the benefits of a 1Password subscription. Anyone looking for a solid password manager can sign-up for the new 1-person plan for US$3 per month. [You know, like Apple’s Keychain Access you already have.]