English, Arabic and Italian keyboards, car reading Emoji, Dropbox, dev course, Molotov, Olympics apps


Apple debuts Arabic, British English and Italian Smart Keyboard layouts — Nearly a year after Apple introduced the US version of its Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro, the company on Tuesday expanded the accessory lineup to include international layouts supporting Arabic, British English and Italian.

Watch CarPlay Siri read every iPhone Emoji — Watch CarPlay Read Every iPhone Emoji was produced by Motor1.com (via The Next Web). One person sent another person a text message using every emoji in iOS 9.x—all 1064 of them. Then CarPlay in what looks like a Honda read that text message. And when Siri is reading emoji, she reads the name of that emoji. Put it all together, and you get this 29 minute and 27 second video.

Dropbox’s Paper collaboration platform goes into open beta, gets iOS app — Dropbox on Wednesday launched the first open beta of Paper, its Google Docs-like Web collaboration platform, simultaneously releasing companion apps for iOS and Android.

The Complete iOS 10 Developer Course for US$25 — Complete iOS 10 Developer Course features 30 hours of content, including 217 lectures. You’ll learn SiriKit, Messages, Maps, all with new features for developers in iOS 10, as well as an in-depth look at the rest of the operating system. You can get this course through this Mac Observer deal for just $25.

France’s Molotov TV comes to the Apple TV — Molotov TV, a popular Netflix alternative in France which combines live and on-demand viewing, has launched on the Apple TV, notes 9to5Mac.

The best second-screen apps for watching the 2016 Olympics — 
Enhance your viewing experience with behind-the-scenes video, athlete’s social feeds, and more.



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